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Brian Wagner

How to Win in an $8tn Market

Sep 28, 2021


Design for an $8tn Niche
By Brian Wagner

Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves, and the market isn’t quite ready. I credit Dr. Laura Bix at Michigan State University for making us aware of Universal Design principles, probably 20 years ago. In 2011, I authored this article in Packaging World: Holistic Design may just be the answer. We attempted to persuade leading brands to incorporate the principles into their corporate Design Guidelines, but few have. They pushed back saying they could not afford to cater to such a small niche. Demographics suggested otherwise and this Packaging World article from Dr. Mike Richmond on Inclusive Design contains evidence that the time has come! Also, please enjoy John Mahaffie’s “voice from the future” and an intriguing foresight-driven perspective on where Inclusive Package Design might be headed. Enjoy PackExpo and let us know what you find!
Making Mamá’s grocery list, a 2030 scenario
By John B. Mahaffie
Imagine it’s 2030. What could success look like for the packaging sector if it better answered the needs of an aging population? What could packaging accessibility in general look like?
Meet Marta, who is 70 (born in 1960). It’s not just her own needs as an older person that are on her mind. Marta also looks after her Mamá, Adelina, who is 95 (born in 1935) but still living independently.Below we see the grocery list Marta is making for Adelina. Adelina relies on Marta to help her get the products that work for her. Arthritis, limited vision, and only modest English language ability mean she needs products that are accessible to her particular needs, plus, ones she actually enjoys.Mamá isn’t very keen on digital tech, though she uses some apps, and seems to like her microwave with its cheery screen character “El Cocinero”. AI and on-pack sensors mean the meals come out right every time.

Adelina’s biggest complaint had been confusing packaging, and things she could not open. With her arthritis, she was always talking about “mi dolor de mano.”

Marta solved the issue by looking at everything for its accessibility. It has been nice to see some of the biggest consumer companies make all their packaging a minimum of 7 on the Inclusive Packaging Coalition scale. She was happy with the Coalition’s PackAccess site and app, which didn’t make you feel ancient when you used it, since, as Marta says, “I’ve got dolors of my own”.

Adelina’s YourCart shopper’s profile:
Ability: strength limitations, low vision. Accessibility scale 8
Packaging: Spanish language/custom labeling where available. Extra-large font. Custom portion sizes where available. Avoid shrink rings. Preference where available for Inclusive Packaging Coalition certification.
Nutrition: Low-sugar, low salt, boosted protein, diverticulitis diet

Adelina’s YourCart Delivers order
Fruit snacks [doz. EasyOpen portion pouches]
Rice [EasyOpen, SmartMicro]
Mango yogurt tubs [5, extra-long pull tabs]
SmartMicro dinners [6, assorted from Adelina’s preference list]
Coffee pods [2 doz, refill]
Memory Boost Gummies [assorted tropical flavors, dispenser-pack]
Adelina’s Mix cereal [2 pouches, EasyOpen, self-closing]
Adelina’s Mix smoothies [1 doz, twist caps]
Vegetable soup [4, self-heating refillables]
Skim milk [qt. EZ twist]
MyCereal [Adelina’s Mix] (2 refill pouches)
Butter cookies [2 boxes]
Fresh tomatoes [farm fresh]
Fresh fruit [farm fresh]
Squashes [farm fresh]
Orange juice [qt. fresh/farm fresh]Personal Care
Body lotion [Refill / self-dispenser]
Shampoo [GripRite]
Tissues [2 refills]
Laundry detergent [Refill]John Mahaffie is a co-founder and principal of Leading Futurists LLC, a consultancy that helps organizations explore change and discover new opportunities.

Quotes for our times…
“I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars”– Stephenie Meyer, (1973-) American novelist
“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare” –Japanese proverb
“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” –Lewis Carroll, (1832x-1898), British novelist
“Live out of your imagination, not your history” –Stephen R. Covey, 1932-2012, American author

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PAC Global Awards are accepting submissions from across the globe and our deadline of October 28th is fast Please circulate and encourage participation to your internal and external connections immediately. Our ONEOF100 Summit “Inclusive Opportunities for Universal Packaging Design” and PAC Awards celebration is scheduled for February 8 & 9, 2022. Our speaker list is growing and it will be a dynamic virtual Summit.

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