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Brian Wagner

Packaging Foresight: September 2023-Packaging Expert Witnesses

Sep 25, 2023

With increased focus on digital and transformational changes across packaging more material related claims and challenges will be made and many new areas of opportunity and concern in the packaging sector will be scrutinized. Additionally, increased government and Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) participation will necessitate increased focus and investigation into our sector.

Foresight tools help us to stay ahead of opportunities and threats, but nobody predicts the future, and we live in a litigious society. Having the right experts available will be a must to deliver focus and reality to the changing world of packaging. Our friends at Daksha Packaging Group have a pool of subject matter experts, knowledgeable about the Packaging field, credible, and able to communicate complex ideas in a way that is understandable to laypeople. Please enjoy this article, coauthored by Drs. Matt Daum and Jay Singh.

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