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Holistic Packaging Design – Our unique & comprehensive approach means every element of brand, packaging and supply chain is integrated early and throughout the process, resulting in more possibilities, less rework and speed to market

Organization Strategy, Foresight & Thought Leadership – Roadmaps and best practices to build high performing organizations, delivering best-in-class results across the Value Chain

Holistic Cost Saving & Productivity – Optimizing packaging & productivity total systems cost from concept to commercialization, identifying opportunities beyond “low hanging fruit”

Package Processing and Automation – Packaging equipment & processing, multiyear Asset Strategy aligned with brand, product and supply chain strategies, line integration, digital technologies, root cause analysis and trouble shooting

Supplier, Co-pack and Technology Landscapes – Focused, informed & proprietary research & tools identify critical emerging packaging insights and resources, leveraging our global expert network and IBM Watson intelligence capabilities

Global Sustainability and Risk Management – Unbiased expertise on issues, regulations, anticipatory issues and impacts: Food waste, safety, security, product:package interaction and exposure mitigation. This includes lifecycle assessments through the EcoImpact-COMPASS tool and insights on what this means for your packaging.

Navigating Omni-Channel and E-Commerce – Provide packaging understanding and insights across current and emerging retail channels, identifying issues and opportunities

Strategic Value Chain Insights – PTIS Pulse and Custom projects and programs: Sharing our knowledge means you will always be prepared to prioritize and navigate your future

Packaging Opportunity Identification – Identifying new packaging-led ways to deliver business and brand value

Project and Program Management – Providing qualified & highly experienced resources to drive projects, programs and specification services


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The PTIS Integrated Packaging Value Model (IPVM©) looks at where packaging is headed, and provides insight into the many ways that packaging connects to broader trends and drivers impacting business. Clients benefit from customized services, programs and projects across all of these areas.

1. Consumer/Customer:
Deliver robust foresight and insight focusing on the role packaging plays to delight consumers/customers and deliver holistic new solutions and experiences. PTIS uses a variety of proprietary tools, processes and models to help clients get the most from the many consumer trends and drivers.

2. Insight/Design: Utilize holistic packaging design thinking, along with proprietary design brief tools and processes, to deliver idea to end of use packaging elements and attributes, that when combined deliver robust packaging enhanced solutions.  Value = Cost/Benefits vs. Competition

3. Technology/Development: Continuously scan to identify new and emerging technologies leveraging Tech Scouting tools & processes. PTIS utilizes its deep and broad network of experts and leading organizations in material science to help provide leading edge knowledge into commercialization of technology for packaging.

4. ECommerce/Retail: A recognized leader in delivering e commerce and Omni channel packaging research, insight, enablement, and problem solving across the value chain. Through its proprietary 20+ year running Future of Packaging program and research methodologies, PTIS has established itself as a leader in delivering new retail packaging foresight and insight in this rapidly evolving landscape.

5. Sustainability/Circular Economy: PTIS identified sustainability as new focus area in 2004, ahead of Walmart and has been delivering new big system solutions to clients from strategies to biomaterials and beyond. As an integrated solution provider, PTIS embodies sustainability strategy, best practices, and lifecycle assessment to help companies navigate sustainable materials management (SSM) to a more holistic Circular Economy.

6. Automation/Machinery: Often overlooked, having a strategic approach to packaging machinery/equipment is crucial to addressing todays complex packaging needs across the value chain. Challenges include increased growth of new packaging formats and materials, holistic productivity to optimize costs and enhance ROI, IoT (P) technology applications and equipment interface, and expansion of customization and personalization.

7. Operations/Supply Chain: The supply chain is changing fast with e commerce, personalization, globalization, 3D & digital printing, politics, Circular Economy approaches, and new Brand Owners & small business’s popping up everywhere the disruption potential is present and growing exponentially. New packaging related supply chain solutions are needed now. PTIS helps companies with these problems by identifying new contract manufacturing/packaging solutions to extend capabilities, clean processing technology identification and new supply chain collaborations to meet today and tomorrow’s packaging opportunities.