PTIS provides customized assistance to meet your company’s needs, including these most-requested services:

Future of Packaging

A recurring subscribed program that explores megatrends, emerging technologies and consumer drivers that will shape the packaging landscape for the coming decade. Provides data, foresight and strategies for businesses to capitalize on evolving opportunities.

Customized Research

Proprietary B2B and B2C marketplace insights, business intelligence and proprietary consumer/customer testing methods on which to build successful business strategies and action plans.

Holistic Packaging Design

Our comprehensive approach integrates every element of brand, packaging and supply chain throughout the process, resulting in more possibilities, less rework and increased speed to market.

Organization Strategy & Thought Leadership

Roadmaps and best practice benchmarking to build high performing organizations that deliver best-in-class results across the Value Chain.

Systemized Cost Saving & Productivity

Optimizing total packaging & productivity system costs, from concept to commercialization, identifying opportunities beyond “low-hanging fruit”.

Package Processing and Automation

Packaging automation, equipment & processing, multiyear asset strategy aligned with brand, product and supply chain strategies, line integration, digital technologies, root cause analysis and trouble shooting.

Supplier, Co-Pack and Technology Landscapes

Focused, informed and proprietary research & tools identify critical emerging packaging insights and resources, leveraging our global expert network and analytic capabilities.

Global Sustainability and Risk Management 

Objective expertise on issues and regulations, such as food waste, safety, security, product/package interaction, sustainability and exposure mitigation. This includes lifecycle assessments utilizing the Eco-Impact-COMPASS tool and insights on how this impacts packaging.


Navigating Omnichannel and E-Commerce

Provide packaging understanding and insights across current and emerging retail channels, identifying issues and opportunities and practical design management.

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