5th Annual Future of Business Education in Packaging (FBEP) Conference on Human Resource Management and skills development in packaging
In July 2019 the 5th edition of the annual Conference on the Future of Business Education in Packaging (FBEP) will take place in Boston. FBEP addresses the needs of those responsible for (or involved in) the development of skills and knowledge of the workforce in packaging.

How do we ensure that the skills, knowledge and know-how will be available and up-to-date? How do we define the appropriate job qualifications? How does business attract, nurture and grow the right employees and their professional talents? How does society implement the life-long education and training of an ageing workforce?

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If you would like to contribute to the programme, contact Michael Nieuwesteeg at NVC (via m.nieuwesteeg@nvc.nl or telephone +31-(0)182-5412411) or Mike Richmond at PTIS (via mike@ptisglobal.com or telephone +1-269-8064566).