Packaging Organization Assessment and Strategic Roadmap

Senior R&D leaders at a major CPG company recognized the strategic power of packaging as an enabler to grow their brands and wanted to advance the importance of packaging innovation across their organization. Gaps existed in Packaging’s involvement at the start of projects which resulted in suboptimal designs and reliance on existing technologies and processes due to compressed timelines. The senior R&D leaders needed to define how packaging supports and enhances their organizations vision and mission, as well as develop a packaging strategy and roadmap to illustrate the top and bottom line business impact of packaging to drive sales and growth.

PTIS Approach

PTIS has benchmarked over 100 leading organizations across the packaging value chain and have identified 26 best practice competencies that are bucketed into three categories: Organization and Culture, People and Skill Sets, and Process Effectiveness. One of the first steps taken was to analyze and quantify the CPG company’s current practices against global best in class examples of how companies integrate packaging, R&D and innovation into their business strategies, processes, and culture.

The PTIS team met with senior R&D leaders championing packaging within the organization and outlined the objectives of the audit and benchmarking project. Next, they identified 30 internal and external stakeholders across several global departments, including R&D, purchasing, supply chain, design & insights, and marketing, as well as suppliers, and interviewed them to gain insight on the perceptions of packaging’s importance, expectations and value within the company. A rating system was employed to compare results to PTIS benchmark data metrics. A gap analysis was then conducted and opportunity ranking conducted based on the greatest opportunity for improvement and impact to company growth.

The team identified 10 traits the CPG company needed to address to elevate the standing of the Packaging organization and help deliver innovative packaging solutions. Collaboratively, PTIS and the company prioritized the top four areas from the list to align with corporate objectives. Finally, a strategic plan, three-year packaging roadmap and metrics to measure the company’s success moving forward were presented.


PTIS Identified Benefits and Improvement Opportunities

  • Elevated Packaging Innovation – PTIS helped the client advance the function of Packaging within the organization and encouraged greater packaging innovation by demonstrating the significant role packaging plays in driving new growth opportunities across brands.
  • Developed a Roadmap for Success – Based on the global benchmarking and gap analysis, PTIS helped the client develop and implement a three-year strategic roadmap to achieve its success
  • Increased Efficiencies and Effectiveness – PTIS helped the client think proactively and implement new tools and processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of bringing new packaging to light. The client has also adopted a more collaborative, future-focused approach to package development, starting the design process with the end in mind.